Is Kik Used For Sexting(Adult Version)

Kik – with a huge search volume of up to 1 million on google only, you can tell how popular it is online. So what is Kik? What does it do and why so many people are searching for that. In short, Kik is just another application for instant messaging with others. But why it gets much more popularity than the other messengers we have online?

We know that there are already so many apps out there for communication, Kik stands out easily from them for good reasons. From its fun and intuitive features to their easy to use navigation, Kik has won the heart of many young people. Like claimed by Kik, there are a million ways to say whatever you want on their app. If you may notice, the key point is "anything" you want to say. Thus, Kik gradually becomes an often used app for exchanging sexual messages and photos which called sexting.

What is kik sexting?

Since sexting between kik members becomes more and more normal, many were search for Kik sexting, Snapchat sexting to do the sexting thing on purpose. It indeed brings a lot of excitement and wild fun for Kik users. You can use Kik codes to easily connect the world around you. With one simple scan of your code, one can then chat and send messages to you right away. The chat can be done one on one or with a whole group. And if you like, there is even a bot for your choice.

How kik is used for sexting

To get dirty kik users who you can have a passionate sext chat with, you can use the built in search tool of Kik. The tool works like most search features on the dating sites that will let you refine your search based on many parameters like age, sex, location and more. And of course, you can also sort it by who are actively online to have a nice chat at once. With so many users from all over the world, you can always find someone with similar sexual interests as you do.

To find those ones with similar interests, you can also join groups that talk about the topic you like. And singles come from those groups would be more likely to have the erotic interests like you do. Besides those online features built within the application, there are also websites that help collect the usernames of dirty Kik users. These websites works like directories of kinky and dirty users who are eager to sext with others. You can check on those sites for usernames on Kik and make your new connections on KiK.

The cons of Kik sexting for adults

But it seems that not everyone on Kik is into sexting thing. It would be awkward to contact the wrong type of person. What if you are sending out sexy text but unfortunately the receiver consider it as offensive? And as we have indicated above that Kik is really popular among younger crowds. The official minimum age is 13 years old to be able to use it and as of May 2016, Kik was used by approximately 40% of United States' teenagers. The number has sharply increased in recent years. So if you are mature adult, this may not be your ideal choice to try sexting.

Best sexting options for adults

The good news is that there are still great choices of sexting apps for adults. With those apps built for adults only, you may get more wild fun you suppose to enjoy. And you don't need to worry about the age group; members on these sites are all over the age of 18. You can actually have more choices in your ideal age group. If you are new to this and don't know how to get started, you can check some sexting ideas to spice things up.