Kik Review

Started by a group of students at Waterloo University way back in 2009, Kik was started to introduce a messaging platform that could communicate directly with other people no matter what phone they used (which was a real issue back then mind you!). The app encouraged the younger generation into using it with its attractive features and stands today as one of the most best sexting apps around the world with over 300 million registered users today.



The app is free to download, but not free to enjoy completely. There are in-app purchases that you can use to unlock feature like unique emojis, but their prices vary according to the thing you want to unlock.

Top Features:

Kik may not have unique features, but there's still a lot of good stuff here:

  • Streamlined chatting interface
  • Creative and diverse ways to express yourself with a huge variety of emojis, GIFs and stickers
  • Chatbots you can interact with
  • Easily connect with new people
  • Kik codes allow you to add anyone with just a scan

Editor's Verdict:

While Kik may have been an texting app with a new concept when it first came out, giving smartphone users a shared platform where they could easily interact with one another over the internet, something their respective phone brands couldn't allow, this issue no longer persists thanks to the countless alternatives available today, so Kik is no longer a novelty app. That doesn't mean it's not a good messaging app. It's messaging interface is one of the smoothest, simplest and bright ones out there on the market, a byproduct of being in the business for about a decade, and its features though not original are still quite competent.

But Kik does have some unique features. Take its chatbots for instance. These AI driven, easily-accessible bots are always available to interact with over the internet. Bored and want someone to play with. Why not hit up the Tic-tac-toe bot and challenge it to a match or two. Or try asking a dermatologist bot for advice on products that you'd want to use for your skin. Or if you're really in the mood have fun conversations with one of the many chatbots designed just for this purpose. There's also the search function that easily lets you join groups with other like-minded users, so you can always find people who're interested in the same things as you are to talk to.

However, Kik's easy-to-contact-anyone system does have a drawback: the service has been made unsuitable for kids to use. As with any other popular platform, this app is no stranger to sexual predators who're constantly looking to trap innocent youngsters in their games and harassment schemes. However, because of Kik's easier interface and a lesser degree of privacy, it's easier for these people to achieve their goals using Kik than it is arguably on other platforms.

It's also noteworthy that most suggestion not that you talk to tell you things you "might" be interested in often prioritise paid content, which means you're not completely free from pesky advertisements when you use the sexting app.

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