Dirty Talk – The Sexiest Way to Spicy Things Up

Let's face it; there is indeed a large portion of people who are into dirty talk when it comes to sex. But most of them are too shy to admit that or even ask for it. When talking about making things hotter for sex, you will probably think of porn movies. Actually, dirty talk is something that works better than porn movies. It makes what will happen next more naturally and much more spicy. This works extremely better when the two are not together.

Why dirty talk works even the two are not together?

You may be surprised about the last sentence in the last paragraph. But that's true and you should try to do the dirty talk when you two are not tighter. Imagine that he or she has been so turned on but they can not really get you at the moment when you are doing the dirty talk. They want you so bad and they may think about you rest of the day. They may fantasize all hot things they want to do with you all day long. Then think about what would happen the moment they saw you? Can you find things much sexier than this?

How to start the "fire"

Talk supposes to happen when the two are together with a face to face communication. But with the modern technology, we can make the "talk" happen via tools like mobile phone. Since talk dirty via mobile is getting more and more popular, people finally made a new word for it called sexting. And there are already many sites and apps that provide sexting service for strangers. You can experience the wild fun either with your partner or with a total stranger. Choose the suitable site and then you are ready to move on.

If you are new to this, you may feel a little awkward and don't know what to say. This is an essential part for sexting. You may refer to our previous article on "Things To Say While Sexting". There are certain samples in the post that may give you some idea to start with. But to give you an idea you can start with what you are wearing and things alike. These would sound natural to start the conversation.

The dirty talk guidance

While dirty talk is a turn on for many people but not everyone. So make sure your partner is also into that or things would be awkward. This is one of the advantages using sexting apps or sites since people who are using that are all eager to experience the fun of dirt talk. You don't need to worry about turning down when you sending out hot text.

When it comes to women, most of them would think nothing is sexier when their man tells them how much they want their girl. "You are so hot, I want you so bad" can simply make the day of your woman. And yes women always like complements. "Your boobs are gorgeous" and things like that would always be a turn on. And some may feel super sexy when they hear how hard the man is for them.

When it comes to men, they feel great when you tell them what you want them to do with you. "I want you to kiss every inch of my body", "I want you to be inside me now" are all samples for your reference. You can go with more details which may bring better result if you know what I mean.

Final suggestion

When you are doing the dirty sexting with someone, just jump out of the ordinary you. Don't be shy and be a little more bold and straight forward. Be the wild you and follow your feelings. It is not shame to express your feelings and how you want your partner treat you. So hope you get some inspiration from this post and don't be afraid to taste something new and exciting.