"Sex Text" - The Naughty And Perfect Foreplay

If you are into relationship, dating someone or know about online dating then you must have heard of 'sexting'! Sexting is a compound made from sex and texting! In other words, it means doing sex over text which means virtual sex! You are not actually with each other, but you converse in a manner which creates the environment and you just nose dive into it! this means you only have plain text in front of you, but you need to paint a picture of how horny you can become! Remember it is a form of art and every word that you write counts!

Sexting is a perfect medium for couples who are far away! Distance is the key in sexting as you can't really have that feeling if your partner is next door (unless you have lot of control)! Sexting conversations are naughty as you can bring out the best fantasy and foreplay. Here is why they are fun, perfect and keeps you connected with your partner.

You can do it anytime

All you need is your phone for sexting! You don't need a room, couch or personal space! You can do it in middle of public place (you might need some more concentration in that case) or while you are at office! There are number of sex texts which are exchanged during office hours! Couple do miss each other at all times of the day!

You enjoy the liberty

Sexting gives you an option to present yourself in a manner which you might otherwise be shy doing for first time. For instance, if you and your partner are not on physical terms and you want to initiate it but don't know how! Sexting is the key! You can create the scenario and then picture yourself there and convey to your partner what do you feel when he opens the zip of your dress! You are at liberty of not being judged and express yourself to the most.

It brings both of you on same page

At times it happens in couples that they are not very open about the extent and frequency of sex that they wish to have. One may want more and other might want less or vice versa. Sexting helps you in clearing those notions without talking loud about them. For instance, you might want to sneak her into your blanket and cuddle in the morning before you get ready for your day, but she could be a night person and wants you to be active at night! Sexting helps you in conveying your thoughts at the time when they arise! If you send her this text in the morning that 'I wish you were here, so I could start my date with the sweetest bite', she would understand that you want some cuddling in morning!

It is very important to communicate and stay connected with your partner! It is not practically feasible to be together every time! Sexting is at your rescue! Try it and carve out the fun in personalized manner!