Sexting Messages To Send To Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

It is important to spice up your relationship using valuable tricks and tips. If you are in relationship, you want your boyfriend or girlfriend to be naughty at times! You want them to say something which could please you and feel attracted and special. Every relationship has physical touch to it but sexting spices up more because you don't have to stop! Sexting is a term that is used to describe sending sex messages with each other on the phone. It is a medium through which couples bring out their wildest fantasy to arouse each other and ensure that they both are on same page when it comes to physical relationship. The old school dirty talk could turn out to be really awesome! Here is how you make the scene!

1. Tell him about what you are wearing

Tell your boyfriend what you are wearing at the time when you are interested in sexting! This can help you in initiating the conversation. If you are in night gown, you can easily ask him to sway his hands under you while you remove that for him! Be as creative as you can and be as naughty as you can! What's wrong in going wild and imaging wearing a lingerie of the colour he likes! He would be turned on by imaging your sexy words.

2. Tell her how sweet a dish can be if she serves as the plate

Imagine eating your favourite chocolate/ peanut butter from her lips! This you can use while you both might be out for lunch with your separate group of friends! While you take a bite of your dessert, just text her it could have been sweeter if you were eating it from the side of her lips or tongue!

3. Photo and sexy game

A photo is the best way to arouse him/her. If you are comfortable in sending out the nude one showcasing some of your parts that could make him/her go crazy, it is the best way to start the conversation. If you are not comfortable in doing this in one go, start sending in lots and play that truth or false game. You ask him a question and if gets it right, you put off your one cloth and send him picture and if he gets it wrong then he removes his and send a picture! Play it on text until you both are naked virtually such that your body heat is doing the job of the blanket!

4. How about a shower date

Explain him/her how tight you will hold if you are taking a shower together! Where will you touch, or you want to be touched while you both go under the water! Soaking in the same towel or bathrobe while you two warm up yourself in a cold weather could be one of the examples to feel the heat and smoke things up!

Timing is the crucial part for sexting. If your partner is out with family or catching up with the boss, your steamy text would be of no use. So go slow, be passionate and go right!