Sexting - The Ideal Way To Make Him/Her Want You

Sexting is broken down as sexual innuendos exchanged through texts between romantic partners. With the popularity of mobile devices, sexting is widely spread and accepted by people young and old. And sexting today holds a special relevance in a relationship. Something that can be called the perfect foreplay to make your partner want you. Sexting keeps the sexual adventures alive in your minds in a fun and flirty way. It ensures that you are always on the mind of your partner. This way, the feelings of love and passion remains ignited in both the partner's hearts no matter how long you stay with each other.

Sexting works because it invites your partner to take part in wild imagination. And it persuades them into believing that you are ready to turn hotter than before. There's a certain level of intimacy that you both engage in in spite of being away from each other through mind's perception. It works both for couples in a relationship or even strangers. There are even some sexting apps available for adults who are seeking for this kind of casual fun. Now we are here to justify why sexting works as the best predecessor of lovemaking.

The first step towards bewitchment:

Sexting creates a ground where your partner will know that he/she can confide in you. Because you will be the first one hinting intimacy, which is the ultimate state of connection between two people. It creates a non-threatening space which is devoid of the fear of being embarrassed or judgment. Sexting generates a safe environment where you can indulge in this guilty pleasure without any hint of discomfort and this show of confidence will strike your partner and leave them wanting for more.

It creates mystery that works wonder:

Dropping sexual hints through texts creates a halo of mystery around you and your personality. And trust us when we say that there is nothing more sensual than an air of enigma. Nobody wants encounter the funny or serious side of you all the time. A little teasing can do wonders for you. The elixir that is established between the person that you are in public and the one you are while texting will be too unreal to resist.

You let your partner know about your preferences:

Sexting takes place virtually and through it you can reveal your preferences, likes and dislikes without any inhibitions. And similarly your partner gets a clearer idea of how you would like them to perform in reality. This not only breaks the wall of uncertainty built around them so far, but also come out with confidence the next time you both indulge in love-making. In case of a budding relationship, sexting is a great way of melting the ice. And it is also good for letting your partner know that you are bold enough to admit that you want to take the relationship to the next level. And this attitude is hands down attractive.

It reminds your partner that they are always on your mind:

When you are sending sexting message to your boyfriend or girlfriend, it is a way of reminding them that he/she is the only one running in your mind all the time; and when you think of intimacy, they are the first ones who come to your mind. It will become hard for your partner to resist this move when they know that are being given a sneak peak to one of the most joyful experiences.