How to Turn a Man/Woman On Via Anonymous Sexting

Anonymous sexting is one way of having fun and still getting to understand the other guy/woman. What turns them on and what works for them. As you get good in this you are bound to be the most charming ladies/men magnet within no time. The article outlines ways of going about sexting to turn either a man or a woman on while doing it anonymously.

How to do it

Start with harmless greetings like 'Hi'. Anytime you have a crush on anyone, you are tempted to just drop the bombshell on them and let them know how you feel. However, these might be creepy and obnoxious to mostly ladies. Take it slow and warm them up with simple chat and genuine complements like "hi beautiful". This allows them time to check you up and grasp their attention.

At this stage you have to practice patience, allow them to read and reply to your message. Do not go spamming them with tones of messages that are not being replied. Also do not get angry and react if they go for long without getting back to you. Anyone interested will always reply and most likely in the same tone as yours, that is to mean they will reply with a similar complement if there was any.

Start with a friendly conversation and let them warm up to your expectations. Through these preliminary texts you can be able to predict the mood and the likeliness of a mutual attraction. You can then get into some explicit elucidation on their attractiveness. For example if it's a woman you can tell her how beautiful her legs look and you would like to actually see and feel them. This will send a message that your interests are also physical which is good.

At this point you can talk in brief about what attracted you to them and let it sound genuine. It would be wrong to give false flattery. Let them feel some genuine desire from you and they will let down their guard.

For women nice crafted flirty texts or audios can do a lot but, when it comes to men, they are more visual beings. Men will want to see while women would want to hear. Use this to your advantage, start by sending nice but not so dirty photos to him and following them up with a suggestive message. This plays to those receptors that heighten desires in their bodies.

Be creative enough to carry on a conversation that is both interesting and kinky. When you both comfortable to talk dirty, it flows without much awkwardness but do not be someone you are not. Stick well within what you know, and when you are out of ideas, let the other person lead you on.

Stop sexting when you both steamy and still want to go on. This creates room for another time to do these and also it intensifies the desire to actualize what was said. Allowing the sexting to go for long makes it boring and easy to forget. You want to remain in the heads for as long as you can.