Tips on How to Improve Your Sexting Conversations

Sexting as a method of flirt is more and more popular among people in different age groups these days. And we completely understand if you want to do it with your partner or the person you are dating with. But many may do not quite know how to get started. For the beginners, let us simply move forward by explaining what sexting is.

Sexting is different from normal texting on the basis that you are supposed to send sexually charged text messages or photos during sexting. With the rising number of some best sexting apps, sexting becomes the new norm of flirting. But you may need to tread lightly because sexting, although fun and erotic, is also a rocky area. If you make mistakes, things might get awkward soon. If you are interested in sexting in order to spice things up between you and the partner, here are some essential tips for you!

1. Confidence

Confidence is the most necessary element that you need in order to sext properly. You should be able to directly write to your partner the specific sexual activities that you want to do to your partner and want him or her to do to you. But remember to make it light and slowly at first. If your partner is also into sexting, this should get him/her going. The only way you can show in texts that you are not apprehensive or awkward is if you convey things directly.

2. Use Private Sexual Jokes

Sexting can be quite fun if you and your partner can make it witty and of course sexy. Again as we previously mentioned, make it light and slow at the beginning. Some light sexual jokes may be helpful to move on the way. And it would make the whole process looks naturally. Feel free to use sexual innuendos because those are the best for dropping hints. Apart from this, sexual innuendos and sex jokes are nice icebreakers and very useful for flirtations.

3. Send Pictures But Carefully

Sending hot, partially nude, or full frontal nude pictures of yourself is something that you need to decide carefully whether or not you want to do it. Sending sexually charged pictures is a risky business if you are new to this. Someone with bad intentions may use your picture for other purpose. But if you trust your partner and you do not afraid to be intimate with him/her, then why not? Actually, nude pictures are not a must, there is a lot of other ideas to turn your partner on. If you can play it well, pictures with sexual hint would always work the magic. Steamy pictures can give your partner ideas, loud and clear, what you want to do with him/her. You should know what I mean if you are smart enough.

4. Compliment Your Partner

Everyone loves compliments and compliments certainly encourage people to do better. Therefore, do compliment your partner when they send you sexy pictures of themselves. And engage wholeheartedly when they initiate sex talk, so that they are encouraged to move it further. Sexting works extremely well if both parties are in the right mood.

5. Take Control

Nothing is sexier than being one hundred percent sure about what you want. If your partner is shy at first, take control and initiate the sexting. Try to make a conversation to know if your partner is also enjoying it. You need to be careful about boundaries so that you do not end up making your partner uncomfortable. If you are confident and comfortable about talking about how to spice up things in the bedroom, your partner might also start being more open about it.

In brief, somebody needs to initiate the sex talk in a clever way. So, gear up and be the one to start it rather than waiting for your partner to do it first. Know exactly what your partner wants and then play it in a hot way. Sexting is actually an art form that requires some skills. With the above tips, you may give it a try and you will finally find the fun and benefit of sexting.