Omegle Review

Omegle is an online platform where you can connect with users without needing to register. The website was founded on 25th March 2009. The website gained popularity soon after its launch and has been used by users for online dating and sexting since the start.

Omegle is a great way to meet and make new friends for sexting. When you start chatting, Omegle would automatically connect you with someone around the world for you to interact with. The chats are safe as your identity is kept anonymous and you can stop the chat at any time you desire.

It also has a video conference option where you can make a direct video call with the user you are sexting to.


Features of Omegle

Video calling

Omegle initially started as a text-only platform, but later in 2010, the website came up with a video call conference to interact with users around the globe. The video and chat boxes are interconnected which means you can text while being on a video call. The chat box is already present in the video call option.

Spy mode

In 2011, a feature as spy mode was introduced which you allow to ask a question and watch two people talk about it while you observe them. The spy acts as a third party and can leave at any time he wants to.

Adding your interests

Omegle came up with a feature which allows you to add as many interests as you can. This helps in finding the stranger with the same interests. It acts as a filter and helps you interact with a person with similar interests.

Dorm/college chatting

In 2014, Omegle launched a new feature which creates a separate chat room for your college mates by entering your e-mail which ends at '.edu' to verify the user.

ReCaptcha verification

In 2015, a recaptcha verification was introduced to reduce the spams and bots which was becoming a regular complaint. However, this has not reduced spams and many users still complaint about bots.

Video monitoring

In 2013, an unmonitored version for the video calls was released which was available for anyone above the age of 13. This allowed adults to share explicit content. Later the unmonitored version was only allowed for people above the age of 18.

Memberships and purchases

Omegle is a free platform to meet and communicate with people from around the world. There are no such paid members or members with more authorisation than anyone else. All the users are equal in the platform, and there are no purchases you can make on the website. Everyone is represented as a complete stranger, and there are no additional packages or memberships for anyone. This feature makes it easy for everyone to find and make new friends and reduce the number of spams and bots.

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