AshleyMadison Review

Find your moment. So goes the tagline of one of the most popular, and also the most controversial, online sexting platform out there. You better believe it, because that is exactly what Ashley Madison intends to help you with. Most of us go through life never having experienced love, or at the very least, never having had the kind of love we crave.


Want An Affair?

The folks over at Ashley Madison had this in mind when they launched their venture, which is essentially based on the concept of having affairs - sexting with lonely housewives. Now for most people, that is simply terrible, because it appears that the business is built upon broken relationships and heartbreaks. In fact, that is the major criticism that it deals with. But I think that is a harsh statement to make about a platform that is clearly not supporting adultery but is definitely promoting love.


Ashley Madison can be regarded as a success because it has garnered over 23 million members in more than 40 countries worldwide, especially in North America, where the two most popular female names actually constitute its very name. It is a very convenient way to find your heart or fix it if it's broken. However, it is certainly rife with problems as well.


Well, to start with, women get a free membership. Unlike other platforms, it is based on a credit system, which also constitutes their credit packages, starting from the "Introductory" package that charges the user $49.00 per 100 credits.

Moreover, the deletion of your account will require you to cough up $19.00, which I personally think is irrational.

Problems With The Business Model

To start with, consider the fact that a person has to pay credit to initiate any conversation, and unsurprisingly, the majority of the initiators are men. Once the credit has been paid, the rest of the conversation is free, which is all really good, but it's clearly very one-sided and opens you up for exploitation.

The Security And Verification

Speaking of which, a common issue here is the presence of bots purporting to be females interested in you. Think about it; you have managed to hit off with a girl who is clearly very attractive, but far from not being a girl, it's not even a human being. It would definitely be infuriating.

The site also suffered from a data breach back in 2015 when a group of hackers managed to lay their hands upon some seriously confidential information, including the members' sexual fantasies and used it to threaten the company, eventually forcing the CEO to step down. That is obviously going to be a major turn-off for people since the site loves to declare that it keeps its members' data completely secure.

Life is short. Have an affair.

In this regard, the company has tried to make amends, and that has to be respected. For instance, it has partnered with Deloitte's cybersecurity team to boost its defenses and has also adopted more secure payment systems.

And at the end of the day, that is the one thing that is noteworthy about Ashley Madison. Despite being blacklisted by so many organizations and individuals, it sticks to its goal of customer satisfaction. It is the kind of satisfaction that does not make everyone feel comfortable, but if you really are looking for someone to talk to, you can't go wrong with it.

I won't suggest that you make this your primary sexting tool since it does have hard-to-ignore problems embedded within the very business itself. But like its previous tagline said, life is too short to spend it without having had an affair - sexting with lonely housewives.

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